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Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions is committed to serving the needs and priorities of you and your organization. We are devoted to developing solutions that deliver competitive products without sacrificing quality and to providing a level of service that is irreplaceable.


We value your privacy.

At Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions, we take the handling and management of your privacy seriously. We do the following to protect you:

  1. We house our own server with log on directly to our own site.
  2. We can see all keystrokes, copy machine activity, etc., to prevent employee issues.
  3. We maintain multiple locked shredders throughout our building to ascertain all paper documents with confidential information are properly shredded.
  4. Access to our building includes 2 locked doors and an alarm.
  5. We do a complete background check on our employees in accordance with the law.

We don't take your trust lightly!

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