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Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions (CBIS) provides to clients a secure online benefit management system. What's that mean to me, you ask? It means that you and your employees can access all of your critical benefit information anytime, anywhere. You don't have to wait for a returned phone call or have to visit our downtown Utica office multiple times because now you can answer the question on demand. Nothing can replace the attention of CBIS but an agent with online secure client access is going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. Don't settle, start expecting the best!

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Prescription Drug Savings Access

CBIS offers a proven strategy through an online program to encourage employees and their dependents to purchase their generic prescriptions at the “right” pharmacy for the “right” price.

Plan members enter their prescriptions on a custom microsite, review pharmacy specific costs, including therapeutic alternatives, simply pick a low price pharmacy option, print an ID card online and redeem. Plan members obtain their generic medications for free (or a reduced copay) and employers realize substantial savings. All in one easy action!

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Key Features To CBIS Online:

Intranet Capabilities

CBIS Online offers the use of internet technologies within an organization to achieve better results than the conventional means of data access and transfer. CBIS Online will help in cutting costs, is easy to use and offers fast accessibility of day to day information!

Open Enrollment

Employees can access the online enrollment system during Open Enrollment to make their plan year elections. Detailed information regarding the available plan designs, eligiblity and per payroll contribution costs are accessed at a push of a button and saved in system for future reference.

Employers will be able to run carrier extract enrollment reports, payroll extract reports, election summaries- to name a few of the available report through the CBIS Online system.  Need a customized report, CBIS Online can accomidate that as well.

Employee Onboarding

CBIS Online offers you the ability to perform Transactional Onboarding, which is another way of saying new hire paper management. The idea of Transactional Onboarding is to automate as much of the initial paperwork that a new employee must complete when hired as possible. By Using CBIS Online you will see reduced costs when hiring new employees. Your company will use less paper, and printing as well as a reduction in copying of documents. You will not have to worry about shipping forms or faxing forms to another location, they can be stored long term in CBIS Online. You can add in your own required corporate forms to the Resource Library within CBIS Online for new hires to fill out on day one.

Generic Drug Optimization Potential Savings

Generic drug acquisition cost from pharmacy to pharmacy varies significantly. Employees and their dependents are in the driver seat spending their employer’s healthcare dollars while wearing a blindfold. The average generic price disparity (GPD) across pharmacies nationwide is $18.17 per Rx. This GPD is unmanaged and employers are paying far too much for their generic prescriptions.

The initial compliance results show a 4% generic dispensing rate (GDR) increase, with savings of over $9 per member per month (including administration fees).