Benefits Solutions For Groups

As the cost of health care continues to rise, many companies have been hard-pressed to maintain the level of coverage that their employees have become accustomed to. In response to this trend, CBIS has become an industry leader by going beyond “standard” solutions to develop Creative Benefit & Insurance Solutions and next-generation plan designs to help clients stabilize their health coverage costs while maintaining, or even improving, benefits. In our downtown Utica office, CBIS provides employee benefits services that offer customized plans based on your specific business model and your company's financial goals.  Our dedicated agents will partner with your company to create long-term employee beneftis solutions.

Adding Value To Your Company By Providing Boutique Service

At CBIS we analyze the entire spectrum of group health insurance products, including PPOs, EPOs, POSs, HDHPs, HMOs, alternative funding, carve-out programs and self-insured arrangements.  We will work with your company to design and implement a benefits plan that is right for your organization, employees and budget. In the self-insured and experience-rated market, our expertise in educating employees on smart health care behaviors through analytical and intelligent plan design will help promote cost-effective utilization. For smaller community-rated plans, we aim to provide you with maximum plan design flexibility, options and customized contribution levels so that you can best meet the needs for your employee benefits at your organization.

We thoroughly assess our clients’ business characteristics and employee needs to develop customized benefit packages. At CBIS we have a dedicated team specializing in health benefits with many years of experience servicing both fully insured and self-funded programs. Through our strong relationships with providers and carriers, we are able to optimize client resources in developing cost-efficient solutions.  Benefits include:

Our Process

CBIS thoroughly evaluates the unique characteristics, needs and goals of your employee benefits at your organization. 

Whether implementing new coverage or negotiating renewals, our strong relationships with providers and carriers enable us to consistently secure the best possible rate for your employee benefits..

Implementation & Follow Through
After the policies are in place, we work with our clients throughout the enrollment process, and beyond, to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service. From open enrollment and beyond, our CBIS team is there to assist with any employee benefits question or concerns you may have.

CBIS customizes client employee education materials to help employees understand their healthcare spending. Our Employee Benefit professionals provide day-to-day administration support and communication for claims resolution.

Benefit Compliance Management
With today’s market conditions, new regulatory requirements and ever increasing demand on plan administrators, CBIS is your backroom Benefit Compliance Department. 

Need to comply with Public Act 106?

Complying with Public Act 106 doesn't have to cost you a fortune.  Specifically for Michigan Public Sectors, CBIS has several options available.

Long-Term Relationships

We work closely with our clients to assess and reassess their benefit needs in response to organizational changes and industry developments. Our Employee Benefits administrative staff in our downtown Utica office provides day-to-day communication with clients to assist and manage their benefits program.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers or Acquisitions are never a simple task. CBIS evaluates and compares current cost & benefits development of a single harmonized program to serve all locations. We help turn the potentially time consuming task of benefits selection, implementation, review, and education into a process that yields positive results both for employers and employees.